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Banka Silk is encouraging local and social entrepreneurship building an association of weavers and artisans and bridging them with potential customers. Banka Silk is an organization dedicated to empowering weavers and artisans in Bihar, Jharkhand, and the rest of India, through employment opportunities and education in the field of their craft.

Banka Silk implements artistry skills, coaching management, and design assistance. Banka Silk is a venture to appreciate and accommodate local designs and cultural traditions. It helps to create opportunities for marketing and networking in India and abroad that would empower them. We believe that local talent around the nation has the ability, creativity, and dedication to achieve economic independence, they just need direction.

Our mission is to help these weavers and artisans push themselves and their families out of poverty and develop into an empowered entrepreneurs. We partner with more than 40,000 Artisans/Weavers to create and market products that are designed by our team of designers based in various locations in pan India. Combining traditional techniques, local materials, and amazing artisanal skills to bring the finest artifacts to the world market.

Our vision is to create the perfect platform for consumers to purchase quality products almost directly from weavers and artisans, which will benefit both. We are a group of eager dynamic people working to make that vision a reality. Providing our weavers and artisans access to the global market, and fair and consistent income will be the priority. We invest most of our profits into business education and training programs for the weavers/artisans and their communities.


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